BotPrediction software, created jointly by math theorists and professional gamblers, is an algorithm-based alternative tool for successful soccer forecasting.


BotPrediction.com soccer prediction software and database system is simultaneously running 40 000 prediction-robots on a daily basis – those 40000 prediction robots can easily be compared with a group of gamblers numbered at 40000. Here is the catch: There are always winners and losers in that big group of gamblers . Botprediction software enables you to track and follow those who are more successful than others!

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Customer Feedback

Patrick Pointsman 


Thank you for the quick responce. The customer Service of botprediction.com is one of the best i’ve ever seen. Congratulations on that.

The system is great. It worked for me so far. Maybe it has been luck. Or the prediction bots really are invincible.

BotPrediction Software

BotPrediction.com Soccer Predictions - a Software That Deilvers Results

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