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FCPsports software, created jointly by math theorists and professional gamblers, is an algorithm-based alternative tool for successful sports betting.

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Simultaneously running 40,000 sports prediction robots with archived history of ~5,000,000 sports predictions. Each robot has its own unique prediction algorithm. Each robot and prediction is easily searchable in our database.

Core idea of our Prediction Robots

Our 40,000 sports prediction robots can be compared to a group of gamblers numbered at 40,000. Statistically, there are always big losers and big winners in that group. Our prediction software enables you to follow those few winners!

Sports Predictions Generated By Our Prediction Robots

Our Software Processes 14-20 games every week (2-3 games per day), odds are ALWAYS Between 1.7 - 2.1, all the bets are standard handicap bets (+|- Home/Away win). We cover all the major North-American sports leagues such as NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey and MLB baseball!

Why Use Our Software

Our top performing robots have a stable WIN RATE above 75%. Access our software and see future sports predictions. Follow the predictions, have fun and make profit!

Our Current Best Prediction Robot - WR-28973

LeagueDateHome Vs AwayHandicapOddsBetScoreOutcome
Football (NFL)2014-09-19Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (HOME) -6.5Login to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-18Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers(HOME) 1.5Login to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-18 Oakland Athletics vs. Texas Rangers(HOME) -1.5Login to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-17Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox(HOME) -1.51.7 Chicago White Sox win5 - 7Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-17Houston Astros vs. Cleveland Indians(HOME) 1.51.85Houston Astros win2 - 4Wrong
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-16Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers(HOME) 1.51.96Detroit Tigers win6 - 8Correct
Football (NFL)2014-09-16Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles (HOME) -3.51.9Philadelphia Eagles win27 - 30Correct
Football (NFL)2014-09-15San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears (HOME) 7.51.9Chicago Bears win20 - 28Correct
Football (NFL)2014-09-14Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos(HOME) 12.51.91Kansas City Chiefs win17 - 24Correct
Football (NFL)2014-09-14Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennesse Titans(HOME) 3.51.91Dallas Cowboys win26 - 10Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-13Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Angels(HOME) 1.51.85 Los Angeles Angels win3 - 11Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-13Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates(HOME) 1.51.77Pittsburgh Pirates win3 - 7Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-12Royals vs. Red Sox(HOME) -1.51.7Red Sox win3 - 6Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-12Ravens vs. Steelers(HOME) -10.51.9Ravens win26 - 6Correct
Baseball (MLB)2014-09-11Reds vs. Cardinals(HOME) -1.51.9Reds win1 - 0Wrong

Games coming up soon:

(Home) Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers (Away) | Baseball (MLB)

Coming up on: 2014-09-18
Odds: (Home) 2 | 1.85 (Away)
Handicap: (Home) 1.5 | -1.5 (Away)

(Home) Oakland Athletics vs. Texas Rangers (Away) | Baseball (MLB) - FREE TIP!

Coming up on: 2014-09-18
Odds: (Home) 2.1 | 1.8 (Away)
Handicap: (Home) -1.5 | 1.5 (Away)

(Home) Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Away) | Football (NFL)

Coming up on: 2014-09-19
Odds: (Home) 1.9 | 1.9 (Away)
Handicap: (Home) -6.5 | 6.5 (Away)

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